About Secretariat and Members

The Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales has two parts; the secretariat and members. Both work together during the applications and references process, doing different jobs.


The secretariat, is the tribunal office and has responsibility for tribunal administration. The secretariat:

  • Deals with all telephone and written enquiries
  • processes applications and referrals
  • sets the date for tribunal hearings
  • ensures that clear information is provided about when and where the hearing will take place.

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The tribunal president of the Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales is responsible for the members and for tribunal decisions. The tribunal also has legal members who are lawyers, medical members who are psychiatrists, and lay members who usually have experience in mental health matters. All tribunal members are appointed by the Lord Chancellor.

There are usually three tribunal members at a tribunal hearing; a legal member, a medical member and a lay member. Tribunal hearings are managed by the tribunal president or legal member. It is the role of the tribunal president or legal member to write tribunal decisions, make directions and advise of adjournments where necessary.