If you are detained or subject to certain orders made under the Mental Health Act you may be able to apply to the Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales to have the matter reviewed.

An application must be made and submitted to the Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales in writing.

  • Applications by the patient:  applications to have a case reviewed can be made by the patient or on behalf of the patient where a person has been authorised by the applicant to do so, go to (Application Form MHRTW - 01)
  • Applications by the patient’s nearest relative: applications to have a case reviewed can in certain circumstances be made by the patient’s nearest relative. Helpful information is provided on the nearest relative page of our website, go to (Application Form MHRTW - 02)

Our guidance booklet contains important information about how to make an application, who can make an application, the time-limits for making an application and the tribunal’s procedures. (Guidance Booklet MHRTW - 06)

Our application forms and guidance booklets can be downloaded below. If you have problems downloading any of the forms or guidance or you would like them in a different format please contact us.