Our guidance booklets about the tribunal hearing, the tribunal’s powers and eligibility for witness expenses and our forms for attending the tribunal hearing and claiming witness expenses are as follows:

Guidance Booklets

  • Tribunal Hearing: our guidance booklet explains about what happens at a tribunal hearing, who can come to a tribunal hearing and the tribunals powers (Guidance Booklet MHRTW - 08)
  • The Tribunal’s Powers: our guidance booklet explains the legal criteria that the tribunal must consider before it can make a decision (Guidance Booklet MHRTW - 13)
  • Witness Expenses: our guidance booklet provides information about eligibility and how to complete the witness expenses form for attending a tribunal hearing (Guidance Booklet MHRTW - 12)


  • Tribunal hearing attendance form (Attendance Form MHRTW - 03)
  • Witness expenses claim form (Claim Form MHRTW - 04)

Our guidance booklets and forms can be downloaded below. If you have problems downloading any of the forms or guidance or you would like them in a different format please contact us.