Guidance and forms

The Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales hears applications and references for patients who are subject to the Mental Health Act.

Our function is to review the cases of patients who are detained in a hospital or living in the community subject to a conditional discharge, community treatment or guardianship order to decide whether the legal requirements have been met.

Information about making an application, what happens when a reference is made and the rights of the patient’s nearest relative can be found in our guidance booklets. Guidance booklets and application forms can be downloaded from this website or, if you would like a copy sent to you, please contact us.


Applications to have a case reviewed can be made by a patient or on behalf of the patient where a person has been authorised by the applicant to do so.


A patient’s case can be referred automatically for review. The organisation that has responsibility for the patient has various duties to refer cases for review. There are also other instances when a case may be referred.

Nearest Relative 

The nearest relative of a patient who is detained or subject to an order can in certain circumstances make an application to have the patient’s case reviewed. The nearest relative may also be able to attend the tribunal hearing. 

Guidance booklets about what to expect at the tribunal hearing and information for the responsible authority can also be downloaded from this website.

You may also find the glossary of terms and frequently asked questions page of our website helpful.