Welcome to the Mental Health Review Tribunal

The Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales (MHRT for Wales) safeguards patients who have had their liberty restricted under the Mental Health Act. We review the cases of patients who are detained in a hospital or living in the community subject to a conditional discharge, community treatment or guardianship order.

We deal with the following issues:


Applications to have a case reviewed can be made by a patient or on behalf of the patient where a person has been authorised by the applicant to do so.

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A patient’s case can be referred automatically for review. The organisation that has responsibility for the patient has various duties to refer cases for review. There are also other instances when a case may be referred.

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Nearest relative

The nearest relative of a patient who is detained or subject to an order can in certain circumstances make an application to have the case reviewed. The nearest relative may also be able to attend the tribunal hearing.

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Responsible Authority

The responsible authority is the organisation or individual that has responsibility for a patient who is detained or subject to an order made under the Mental Health Act. The responsible authority has certain legal duties in relation to patients and their right to have their case reviewed by the MHRT for Wales.

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The Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales is an independent statutory organisation established under the Mental Health Act 1983 as amended by the Mental Health Act 2007. The tribunal is funded by Welsh Government but the tribunal, its members and decisions, are independent of government.

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